Health & Safety in Care Homes

Health & Safety in Care Homes can be particularly challenging and safety critical issues can be overlooked in a busy environment when more obvious demands are placed on hard pressed staff members.

Ashes Associates has wide experience in the care home sector (residential, nursing and EMI/dementia). Using HSE guidance for care homes “Health and Safety in Care Homes (HSG220) as a standard, Ashes Associates will carry out a Health & Safety in Care Homes audit covering issues such as:

Fire safety – fire prevention and emergency procedures

Electrical risks – fixed electrical installation and portable appliances

Hazardous substances – cleaning and maintenance products

Manual handling – assessments and training

Lifting equipment – inspections and examinations of equipment

Legionella – assessment and Legionella controls

Hot surfaces – water temperature controls

Kitchen and laundry safety

Gas appliances – testing & emergency cut-off

All of our audits and inspections in relation to Health & Safety in Care Homes will be followed up with a report and an action plan to address any shortcomings identified in the audit report.