A Method Statement is a document detailing how a particular project or task will be carried out. They are written in a logical sequence and can include any “safe systems of work” produced from your Risk Assessments.

The Method Statement should include the hazards linked with the project or task. It should also include the control methods detailed in your risk assessments.

As Method Statements are used to detail how you intend to control the risks on a particular project they should always be specific to that job and site

Organisations who employ contractors particularly where there is a risk to the work being undertaken may request from you a Method Statement prior to any work being carried out.

As part of the tendering process organisations may request sight of one or more of your Method Statements as this assists them in making a decision regarding your ‘competence’.

A ‘quality’ Method Statement can therefore demonstrate to a client that your business deals with safety issues in a professional manner and your work will not compromise the safety of yourself or others.

All Method statements we provide are written specifically for the task you are required to undertake and can be produced from your risk assessments for you

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